Koreatown is one of the fastest growing communities in Los Angeles, a thriving focal point of commerce rivaling Chinatown and Little Tokyo. Now, just as modern retail centers have been developed to serve other expanding regions. Koreatown Plaza matches the vitality of the area with a design that provides a stimulating environment in a setting offering the utmost security for daytime and nighttime shopping.

Easy access to all stores in Koreatown Plaza is provided via the secure parking structure which connects directly to all three shopping levels through arcades that lead to the mall and the central court. A glass enclosed elevator and a pair of escalators in the spacious central court facilitates movement between levels. Trees and plants are nurtured by natural light flowing from skylights throughout the center. Comfortable seating areas and seasonal flowers add to the ambience of Koreatown Plaza and provide a handsome setting for the bright and colorful tenant storefronts.

If you would like to receive an information package on the Shopping Center or Leasing, please contact the management office.

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